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Executive Committee - Porto 2018
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Joint HRC – Social Dialogue Seminar - Health and Safety
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Bulgaria: Meeting between the SCECBU and PODKREPA

A meeting among the SCECBU and the members of Podkrepa, Mrs Bachvarova, Secretary of the Confederation, and Mr Vesselin Mitov, International Secretary and the representative of the Banking and Insurance Federation in Bulgaria was held this afternoon in Sofia.
The objective of the meeting was to have a bilateral presentation of both SCECBU and Podkrepa. The Standing Committee has, on its side, insisted on the need to the setting up of a trade union structure inside the National Bank of Bulgaria and also the need to have a representative of the central bank in the framework of the ESCB social dialogue. Detailed arguments were presented by the president of the SCEBU in this sense.

We have all at once remarked that Podkrepa shares the same strategic overview towards an official recognition of a social structure inside the National Bank of Bulgaria.

We can conclude that the SCECBU and Podkrepa will follow a joint and cooperative policy at trade union level.

A further  stage would be a meeting with the General Secretary of the National Bank of Bulgaria with the presence of the representatives  of Podkrepa Confederation. Unfortunately we were informed today that this central bank officer was ill and could not meet us. Thierry Desanois, once he was at the central bank, has nonetheless insisted, with the support of Vesselin Mitov, on the possibility of meeting the Head of the human resources. The answer to our request will be addressed tomorrow morning through Vesselin Mitov.

We are strongly counting on this meeting.


Some important information on PODKREPA Confederation of Labour


PODKREPA is a voluntary association of trade union organisatons, established on branch and territorial principles. Their members are citizens, united for the protection of their professional and social interests. Podkrepa CL has a hundred thousand members and regional structures in 36 cities and towns in Bulgaria.


The PODKREPA CL is independent of all state and administrative bodies, employers, political parties and public organizations.



The PODKREPA Confederation of Labour has as goal and sphere of activity the protection of rights, dignity and professional and social interest of members and organizations, affiliated to the Confederation through:

  • ensuring people’s rights in the sphere of their professional activity, labour remuneration, social conditions, industrial safety and labour protection.
  • protection of the health and the material, public and cultural interests of its members and their families;
  • exercise of influence on state social and economic policy making aimed at improving material prosperity and well-being and at a fair distribution of national wealth on the basis of the principles of social partnership.
We remind you that this meeting became possible thanks to the support of Jean-Michel Reynaud, President of the Financial Commission of the "Conseil Economique et Social" in France. Jean-Michel Reynaud had been elected General Secretary of FO Banque de France trade union until 2004. We do thank him for his kind and precious help.
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