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| 2018-05-24 |
Executive Committee - Porto 2018
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| 2018-05-10 |
Joint HRC – Social Dialogue Seminar - Health and Safety
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| 2018-03-13 |
ESCB Social Dialogue meeting at Frankfurt
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| 2018-02-20 |
Monthly Bulletin
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ESCB Training program for 2009

National Central Bank Staff : Are we all considered at the same level?

The ESCB has developped its training program for 2009. Some of these training courses are really interesting for the staff.

This is another example that shows how ESCB staff is treated differently among central banks. The information on this Training Plan was'nt diffused by the central banks at the same level: some of them diffused the document among their staff, while others did'nt do anything concerning it: Why this difference? We regret this situation!

In case you were not informed about this program, you should ask for some explanations during the next social dialogue meeting with your HRs.
EN_ESCB Training program 2009
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