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| 2018-05-24 |
Executive Committee - Porto 2018
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| 2018-05-10 |
Joint HRC – Social Dialogue Seminar - Health and Safety
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| 2018-03-13 |
ESCB Social Dialogue meeting at Frankfurt
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| 2018-02-20 |
Monthly Bulletin
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New Board in "NP staff association" of Central Bank of Denmark

Robert Wederkinck was elected the new President
Congratulation to Robert Wederlinck, who was just elected as new President of NP. He will have the hard task to head the Danish Staff Association, as our dear Friend Rolf Michelsen did, at national and international level.
Robert has the support of his new team with Jesper Nyholm (some of you know him. He participated in the last Executive Committee in Malta with Lene Siebens, Administrative Secretary of NP), Rasmus Bergmann Jensen, Peter Christiansen and our well known friend Per Sandholdt, who has already strong cooperated with SCECBU. We are very pleased that Per starts a new mandate in this Board in order to reinforce all the work done by Rolf during all the last years.
Congratulation to this new team!
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