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Executive Committee - Porto 2018
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Joint HRC – Social Dialogue Seminar - Health and Safety
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ESCB Social Dialogue meeting at Frankfurt
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Claude Wies resigned from the Council of A-BCL

Claude wants to express in few lines why...
Dear friends,

I greatly regret to inform you that on July 22, 2008, I resigned immediately from my position as president of the A-BCL and as member of the council of the A-BCL.

In fact this step has several reasons which I would like to explain here, to avoid any mistakes.

As most of you know I engaged myself deeply into the work of a unionist. Perhaps I engaged myself too deep. Therefore I was obliged to announce my “retirement” from the union work as a president from September 1st onwards. But I intended to stay in the council till January 1st to assist the future president in his work and not to leave the colleges in a bad situation.

However the situation at the Luxemburgish Central Bank changed dramatically in the last 6 months. As proud I was, announcing you begin of this year that the situation between the board of Directors of the BCL and the staff representation A-BCL improved, so deeply I got disappointed by the real behavior of the board of Directors especially by the General Director.
Announcing an improvement of 3 “Social Dialog Meetings” for 2008, compared to the 2 obliged meetings from the previous years, we where faced to the fact that the first meeting got cancelled 1,5 hour before the start, and with the fact that the General Director decided shortly of having a couple of days holiday instead of being present at the second meeting which was planned for July 22nd.

Knowing that the meetings had been scheduled on proposal of the Board of Directors themselves in December 2007, and that the General Director insisted himself on the importance of this meetings as well on social subjects we should discuss and which he rated top urgent, than you can easily understand my disappointment, my frustration and my anger.

As well all of our social issues, we are handling at the moment are blocked by the Board of Directors, again especially by the General Director, and we are not progressing at all in any of these issues. All these decisions depend on the opinion of one single person, our General Director, who is as well the Governor who signed the Mission Statements in Frankfurt.

So I came to a point where I couldn’t handle anymore this situation. Frustration, disappointment and anger started to overwhelm me. Knowing that nobody could help us to change the situation, (our government simple ignores the problems and continues to support our governor politically), I either had to choose either to be a puppet on the string or to be a man still proud enough to look into the mirrors.

I decided not continuing to play this dirty game anymore and I resigned yesterday (after this fake meeting) from my duty as president of the A-BCL and as a member of the council of the A-BCL.

I had long discussions about this step with my friends at the A-BCL, and I even don’t know at the moment if there is a future for the unions at the BCL.
Knowing that I will regret surely this decision, especially for the international work I did at the SCECBU level ends with this as well, and who knows me, knows as well how much I appreciated to work with you together at the SCECBU, I will however try to keep contact with the SCECBU as much as possible.

However on the local plan I want investgate myself anymore as long as there is no change at the level of the Board of Director at the BCL.

I would like to say thank you to you all for what we did together in the last years and for the wonderful time I had being a part of the SCECBU. I will miss you all, and that’s for sure.

Claude WIES
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