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| 2018-05-24 |
Executive Committee - Porto 2018
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| 2018-05-10 |
Joint HRC – Social Dialogue Seminar - Health and Safety
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| 2018-03-13 |
ESCB Social Dialogue meeting at Frankfurt
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| 2018-02-20 |
Monthly Bulletin
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A Great Day for our Comrade José Maria JACINTO DA CRUZ

The D Day on April 25...

It is the great day for our friend José Maria JACINTO DA CRUZ!

He decided to stop working on a…. April 25! That doesn’t astonish us from him. It is a very strong symbol!

Today SCECBU think of him full of emotion, not only because it’s his last working day, but moreover the last day of his trade-union mandate.

Jacinto has been always of great support for our Committee, even during the most difficult times. Certainly, in spite of his European mandates in the Executive Bureau, due to his languages problems, he often preferred to work in “the shadow”, but always in a very effective way.

Nobody will forget the various meetings he has organized in Lisbon, or in Ferreire Do Zezere about various subjects and social topics, or trying to address some problems of internal policy of SCECBU but always in a peaceful way.

Jacinto is one of the columns, or should I say “pillars ", on which one could count and who I will never forget. Of course, this discretion disappeared when he was able to speak about these subjects in his own language and no doubt that at home he became very quickly an unavoidable trade unionist for his comrades of the SBSI but also of the SBN, the SBC and certainly at the level of the Bank who always respected him.  All this, I could witness myself, initially at the side of somebody whom Jacinto know well, our mutual friend Frans VANDERSCHELDE, who remained in love with and an unconditional protagonist of Portugal (he goes there very often on holiday), then with our regretted friend, Alain DESCAMPS, who Jacinto also strongly supported when he became the President.

And then, when I had to take over from him, Jacinto trusted me completely and without any restriction.

This is not a goodbye Jacinto, but a “when will we see us again”, I count on you to transmit to the SBSI the message how important it is for them continuing working with SCECBU. Now its up to you to find a successor, whom I hope to meet soon together with you during my journeys to Portugal

Thank you very much my friend Jacinto for all what you have been and done during all these years. Don’t try to change yourself stay as you are.

With all my friendship

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