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| 2018-05-10 |
Joint HRC – Social Dialogue Seminar - Health and Safety
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| 2018-03-13 |
ESCB Social Dialogue meeting at Frankfurt
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| 2018-02-20 |
Monthly Bulletin
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| 2018-01-31 |
Monthly Bulletin
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ESCB Social Dialogue

The 27th meeting of the ESCB Social Dialogue, held on November 28-29 at the ECB’s premises, took place under a completely disprespectful ambience towards the Staff representatives of National Central Banks and of National Supervisory Authorities.

On very rare occasions such a climate of indifference has been so strongly shown. The members of the ECB’s Executive Board, M. Draghi, President, V. Constâncio, Vice-President and P. Praët, member of the Executive Board, succeeded in an unpredictable valz, rushing their interventions under the excuse of overburdened agendas without even having made a kind effort towards the requests of NCBs’ staff representatives.

The Social Dialogue, officially posted as a sign of openness rarely expressed in the recent years, is in fact being gradually and unscrupulously changed into a radical employer monologue of ultra liberals.

Under these conditions, dissimulated debates cannot produce expected relevant information. The point of the agenda on the Single Supervisory Mechanism was voluntarily split by the ECB in order to avoid the answers to the many questions put by the staff representatives. With a so tight timing and many presentations that focused on information already diffused inside the NCBs, the ECB deliberately offered us simplistic monologues, thus avoiding the expected debates and answers. The three European Trade Union Federations (SCECBU, UNI and EPSU) strongly claimed against this social parody and demanded that a dedicated meeting on SSM be held in February 2014 in the presence of the members of the new Supervisory Board. These organizations will propose to the ECB a suitable format that will allow a real debate on the future organization and the impact on NCBs jobs. On our side, we intend to organize some actions of pressure in order to push the ECB to take its responsibilities towards the citizens, in what regards supervision matters, and submit counter trade union proposals.

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