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| 2017-12-14 |
Banknote Social Dialogue
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| 2017-11-14 |
Action week for the French Trade unions
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| 2017-11-07 |
Trade unions of Banque de France: Enough is enough!
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| 2017-11-06 |
Letter to Y Mersch
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Banknote Social Dialogue

The Banknote Social Dialogue take place on 14 December 2018 at Frankfurt. It is the occasion for the staff representatives from the IN-House printing works to dialogue with the BANCO
The topics which will be discussed are :

A Presentation of the ECB study on the use of cash by households in the euro area, Then Consequences of Monopolistic Situation in Banknote Sorting Machines,  the changes and way forward for the in house PW, a discussion on the modalities of EPPS, and Future of money.
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